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Get out of your head and into your energy. Crystal energy healing that creates shift for you on an energetic level.

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“Without knowing Ellie prior or telling her my story, Ellie and the crystals she laid out for me, could not have been more accurate. She could tell me in what areas of life I need support and she was even able to loosen one of my biggest blockages within me (which has been around for years). Three weeks after the one hour session with Ellie, I still feel the difference and the shift that has happened. It was a powerful experience and I can recommend Ellie to everyone who is feeling a blockage somewhere in his or her life.“

Tim-Zi, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“As a health care provider who spends a lot of time caring for patients, I have immensely benefited from Ellie's help in keeping centred and balanced. Whenever I have a session with Ellie, I am better aligned to make the important moves to improve my practice and my life. As a science geek I came to Ellie with an open mind and healthy skepticism and she delivered - her intuition and skill are impressive, even from thousands of miles away. Whenever I have patients who are energetically stuck and need extra support, I never hesitate to recommend Ellie. “

Hillary Webster, Naturopathic Doctor, Toronto, Canada

“I was blown away during my chakra reading by how sensitive and in tune she was to me and some of the major obstacles in my life. She identified themes that only I knew about me, and brought them into the light in a loving and supportive way. I would recommend her to anyone (in fact I did right away to my husband) who is looking for a loving, supportive, compassionate, and non-judgemental person to provide spiritual guidance “

Patrizia, Toronto, Canada

“Ellie is exactly who you want to help you heal on so many levels-- she's warm, caring, and intuitive. She helped me reframe my thoughts and energy so that they are aligned with what I intend. I felt peacefulness, warmth, and inspiration after working with her. “

Cassa, New Zealand

“This experience  has really opened my spiritual side of life I feel more in tune to what is taking place both around me and within me.“

Cathy, British Columbia, Canada

“This guided meditation and crystal reading experience by Ellie was grounding, calming and profound. For me it gave clarity that I am on the right path, offered the support I needed in particular areas of my life and answered some nagging questions. The sessions were timely and have provided the guidance I needed to find the balance I was seeking.  “

Liz, British Columbia, Canada

“Even though I’m generally private and shy I felt very safe and open with Ellie during the reading. Her feedback on what the stones were asking for was exactly what I needed to hear. Over the past few days I’ve been better able to follow my intuition which has led me new books and situations to expand my self-love. This self-acceptance will be a journey for sure but Ellie has helped point me in the right direction. I am very grateful our paths have crossed and will be turning to her again for guidance. “

Lia, Colorado, USA

“Working with Ellie helped me to feel good about myself and my life again.After several life changes - becoming an empty nester, entering menopause, and moving to a new city - I had lost sight of who I was and / or who I wanted to be.Having been a go-getter my whole life, not having a clear vision or goals for my future made me feel unsettled and vulnerable.
In just one session, Ellie helped me to see where I was stuck and gave me the tools I needed to take charge of my emotional and intuitive state. In her gentle yet focused way she told me that I was guided. This provided great relief and helped me to relax into “not knowing”, which was exactly what I needed at this stage of my journey.“

Karin, California, USA

“If you have underlying health issues, would like to balance your emotional state or just want a feeling of peace and positivity, I highly recommend an energy healing session with Ellie. She has a natural gift for healing and is a genuine, warm and kind soul.   “

Cheryl, United Kingdom

“ I had been feeling scattered before our session and immediately felt more aligned and connected within myself.  I felt that I could rest and release emotions that needed letting go of.
Ellie leads the session with great kindness, compassion and gentleness.  I felt guided and supported every step of the way.  Her gift is healing and I'd highly recommend her work to anyone.“

Cecile, Ontario, Canada

Why is it good for you?


Bring clarity to your “to do” list. Enhance your focus and ability to create space for getting your priorities accomplished.


Feel a sense of peace and relaxation. The customized guided meditation allows you to follow your energy and go deep within. Experience deeper self reflection and feel calm and restored.


Get back that zest for life again. Have the inspiration and energy to tackle what needs to be done. Bring back that excitement and joy of making daily progress.

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How it works

Let your energy do the talking for you!

So often we try to explain, rationalize and figure out everything with our conscious mind. Ever been told when you can’t figure something out to stop thinking about it? Well I am asking you to stop thinking about it and let the energy do the talking.

As an empath I have the ability to tap into your energy during our session. Tapping into your energy means I often get feelings and images that your energy shares with me. I use the 7 chakra points that run the midline of the body as my starting map for your energy.

I use my pendulum to help me in selecting crystals that you need for various chakra points.  I let your energy do the talking and tell me where you need support, opening and attention. Crystals are used to help create this movement for your energy and to provide a map of where the support is needed and why.

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