Sacral Chakra

Basic overview of your 7 chakras

Your 7 Chakras and what they mean

Before there was GPS available if you were planning a road trip you would pull out one of those big accordion style maps. You would lay it out on a table and map out your route. It gave you a visual of where you were starting and where you wanted to go.

The chakra system in it’s own way is that map. It helps give us an understanding of our energy system and how to achieve a sense of well being by following it. 

The chakra history dates back as far as 500 BC.. Anodea Judith in her book “The Wheels of Life” says that it was passed down orally by the Indo-Europeans. The number of chakras in the body varied according to different Eastern traditions. But New-Age or western adoptions of these chakra systems has followed the 7 chakra map with corresponding colors. 

It is this map that I will be sharing with you today. Each chakra is a wheel of energy placed along the midline of the body. Each one maps out the different energy needs. It can be overactive, under-active or balanced depending on your energetic state. 

Root Chakra - I am

Starting at the bottom of the spine, where our pelvic bone is, the Root Chakra is a burnt red colour, spinning wheel of energy. It is where we feel grounded. It is our sense of security and safety. It is balanced when our basic needs of survival are met. 

Sacral Chakra - I feel

Just 3 fingers below the belly button is the Sacral Chakra. It is an orange coloured spinning wheel of energy. This is the place of our passion both sexual and creative. It is where we tap into our desires and allow our creativity to flow.

Solar Plexus Chakra - I can

Where our ribs meet  just above the abdomen is this bright canary yellow spinning wheel of energy. This is our power center. It’s where we get those gut feelings. It is the center of our intuition, willpower and that sense of get up and go. It’s the center of our power and assertiveness. 

Heart Chakra - I love

At the center of the chest this emerald green spinning wheel of light is the center point of our body and the chakra system as it connects the lower three chakras (physical powers) with the higher chakras (spiritual connection). It is where we process our emotional connections. It is both our ability to give and to receive love.

Throat Chakra - I speak

Between the collarbones is a little divot. This is where the pale blue spinning wheel of energy of the Throat Chakra is. This is the center of where we speak our truth and how we process information we receive. It is how we can connect and communicate with the world around us. 

Third Eye Chakra - I see

Just above the brows in the center of the forehead the Third Eye Chakra spins a beautiful royal blue color. This is the center of our intuition. It is how we connect with our higher selves and receive inner guidance. It is also the center of manifesting our dreams. Where we energetically communicate to the universe.

Crown Chakra - To know

This is our highest energy centre just above our head. It is a purple spinning wheel of energy. It represents the union of the higher self, the cosmos and the universe. It is the highest state of enlightenment and brings great inner wisdom and spiritual growth. 

This is a high level overview of the chakra system. Each chakra has an in-depth meaning and if any of these resonate as a possible imbalance I encourage you to research that specific chakra for a deeper understanding. 

This road map helps us to identify energetic areas in our life and where we need support. Want to find out where you are imbalanced and receive support? Book your session with me here.