Solar Plexus

Orange Calcite Healing Properties

This grounding crystal restores balance to both your emotions and mental state. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra and helps you to take action on your creativity. It is excellent at helping you problem solve and actually take the steps to make that happen.

Orange Calcite was used as the anchor stone in this grid. This grid is meant to help you step into your own power with your solar plexus chakra and be your own miracle. It is about stepping into your power and taking meaningful steps.

Set an intention.

Take a step.


With orange calcite as the base it is setting the intention of mental and emotional grounding as the base of your actions. To make meaningful change and take meaningful action you need to start from a grounded place. This sets that intention of grounding. Citrine and clear quartz are what bring this grid out into the universe. It is your way of setting your intention, taking steps forward and letting the universe know you are ready.

Manifesting comes from both the energy and intention you set and also the steps you take to follow your dreams. Citrine and clear quartz guide you along this journey amplifying those intentions and encouraging those steps. Be your own miracle. Do not wait for the gift to arrive at your doorstep. Set the intention then take a step.

Oracle card from: Chakra wisdom oracle guidebook by Toni Hartman