Crown Chakra

How to use a universe jar

I always hated setting goals. It always felt so stressful to have a looming date hanging over my head. But I love to think of what the future possibilities can hold for me. This is how I discovered my love of the universe jar. Because I knew I could get stuff done and achieve things in life but I didn’t want a big “to-do” list for all my goals with looming deadlines.

The universe jar is all about setting the intentions for what you want to achieve or even simply how you want to feel in your life. Manifesting your dreams starts at an energetic level. You want to energetically tell the universe that you are READY to step into your new life. Insert your universe jar here.

This is how it works

You set aside some time to really lay out for yourself what you want in life. Is it a specific career? A vacation? Or maybe you are so tired and stressed you can’t even think of a clear goal and you just don’t want to feel tired and stressed anymore! That’s ok too. You are taking time to tap into how you want to be in your life. 

Now you have intentions that you can set and put into the jar. Take out some pieces of paper. Doesn’t have to be any bigger than a square sticky note. Take a moment to really tap into how it would FEEL to be working your new job. How would you dress? What would your day look like? Same for that amazing vacation you want to take. How would sand feel between your toes? What would you see while on this epic trip? 

Don’t have a specific scenario and are tapping into how you want to feel in your life? Start to embody that feeling of joy and feeling rested. How does your body feel? Does your heart feel lighter? Are you smiling more? 

The purpose of this is to really embody the future you. This is your signal to the universe that you are ready to receive it. So while in this state of feeling your future goals, write out on that piece of paper how grateful you are for career...vacation...or how joyful and relaxed you feel (if you can’t come up with a specific scenario). 

"Dear Universe I am so grateful for this incredible career opportunity. I feel empowered, valued and completely overjoyed with the opportunity to work with so many amazing people!”

Place it in the jar and thank the universe. Done. You just set your intentions for how you want your life to feel. You have sent it out to the universe. Now place these beautiful dreams in a spot where you will see it regularly.

This jar should be a source of love and inspiration to you so you want to be able to see if often. Send it love whenever you see it. Trust that you have set those intentions and they will be coming to you when the timing is right.