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Intro to Crystals Guide

3 crystal basics you should know when first starting out

I got into crystals because they were so pretty and I was fascinated that these beautiful stones also had healing powers.  But as I started to dive into how to use them I found that there were a million different suggestions and it felt overwhelming. Why did it have to be so hard to own these beautiful stones? 

If you are just beginning your crystal journey I would first like to say welcome! Crystals are so much fun and I want to assure you that they don’t have to be super complicated. Which is why I came up with this simple to follow list to help you along your journey.

Picking the right crystal for your energetic needs

This is probably the top question I get asked all the time. How do I pick the right crystal for what I need? Whether you are looking at your crystal collection at home or have walked into a store to buy some, this simple step will help you pick what you need. Simply state to yourself “Show me the crystals that I need”. You are literally asking your energy to lead the way. Then pick up the ones that you are most drawn to. Don’t read the descriptions until after you have finished selecting all your crystals. That’s the fun part where you see what your energy has picked for you.

Don’t overthink it. Just pick what you are drawn to! It's just that simple!

Cleanse them

These beautiful stones hold a certain energy frequency. And the more you use them and put your energy into them (simply by holding them etc) their frequency can be dulled a bit. So once in a while it is best to give them a cleanse. There are lots of options of how to do this. But this is all about simplicity so here are my two suggestions: 

  1. Run them under water. This is hands down my favorite way. I put them in a strainer and let some luke warm water gently flow over them. Water is a very easy way to cleanse your crystals. Some however cannot be run under water so google them before you start. A good rule to follow is if it ends in “ite” it probably can’t go under water ie/ selenite, kyanite
  2. Sound is a great and simple way to cleanse and doesn’t require a big investment. Small singing bowls or Tibetan cymbals are easy ways to bring some cleansing sound into your life and cleanse your crystals. Simply chiming the cymbals or bowl around your crystals helps reset them to their original frequency.

How to use them

You have let your energy pick out a crystal for you and you have cleansed them. So what now? Now you get to use the crystal to support your energetic needs. Three simple options for this would be:

  1. Carry it with you. Put it in your pocket and enjoy that extra energy support as you go about your day.
  2. Put it in a visible spot where you can see it. For example if you are wanting a little extra energy support at work simply have it on your desk nearby. It's a great little reminder of the crystal love you have going on.
  3. Put it by your bed. Let the loving crystal energy help you heal while you are sleeping. Do a little research on your crystal before you do this as some will promote vivid dreams (which can be great but if that’s not what you want then by your bed may not be the best option for that crystal). I personally love having my crystals on my nightstand. I always feel like it helps heal my energy while I’m asleep. 

Crystals are supposed to be fun and supportive of your energy needs. These 3 simple steps will get you started on your crystal journey. Want more crystal tips? Sign up for my newsletter and get crystal love straight to your inbox.